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Community Pantry

Community Pantry

Community Pantry is a ministry of University Carillon that helps support local food pantries. Once a month, “Community Pantry” bags are handed out at service with the request to fill them with BOGO items (nonperishable) from supermarkets and return them the next weekend at service. The nonperishable food items donated to Community Pantry will be shared with local food pantries in need.

Next time you see one of the navy Community Pantry reusable bags, please participate in a way that gives back to those in need in our community. Thank you!

Community Pantry bags will be available for pick up once a month. When you pick up the bag:
1. Take the Community Pantry bag with you and fill it with nonperishable food items.
2. Pray for those who may be receiving the food in the bag.
3. Drop the bag off at service next weekend.

Requested items: mac and cheese, canned raviolis/spaghettios, tuna or canned chicken, canned soup, canned beans, rice, ramen noodles, canned vegetables, peanut butter, cereal and pasta.