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June 24: DAY FOUR

DEVOTIONAL (via ZOOM)—Live at 9 AM

Here’s a recap of our ZOOM devotional from this morning. Join us tomorrow morning at 9 AM—log in info is in your booklet! If you need assistance, contact Lisa (info at top of webpage).

Featured Video

Today we are going to meet Homero.  He has an amazing story about how he went from being our driver on our first trip to being our top man on the ground along with his beautiful wife Ester.   It’s a story of how God steps in and changes lives, of how our actions, not words, impacts those watching us.  Let’s hear his story!

Some Next Steps: Find out more about Rick Sucher’s Ministry in the Dominican Republic by visiting his website ( You can also support Rick Sucher and his team by donating financially (one time or recurring) by visiting and selecting Rick Sucher from the drop-down list.

Cooking Class

Pollo Guisado with Barb Sucher
You can find the recipe card for this dish in your box.

Where In The World (WITW): Las Piedras

We will be heading down some very narrow streets, barely room for the bus, then wall between the homes and comidas (little shops) to reach the church down by the water.  This is the church that was destroyed by a hurricane several years ago.  It has been rebuilt and this is where we started the second feeding program.  The contrast between the destruction you see at the waters edge and the new church reminds us how God can make something good out of nothing.  Lets take a look and meet some of the people.


Lesson 4: Church Phrases
Have questions or want more help? Email Andrew at

Song: Grande Y Fuerte (Big & Strong)

Bible Story

Jesus and The Good Samaritan
Luke 10:25-37

Jesus shares a little bit about our neighbors and how they should be treated. Although we have an idea of a neighbor, Jesus redefines this—your neighbor is anyone you come in contact with. Check out this truth played out in our skit of “Jesus and The Good Samaritan.”


Friends Forever
Supplies from your box: string, beads, scissors


While we are here in Las Piedras, we need to hear Chilas’ story.  You saw Chila working int the kitchen, she loves serving the children and lives nearby.  She lives with her daughter who has disabilities and has worked in the ministry for 20 years.  No one knew about the condition of her home because she rarely had visitors and never complained, but God knew and brought it to Ricks’s attention.  Watch the video and learn the whole story.