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June 23: DAY THREE

DEVOTIONAL (via ZOOM)—Live at 9 AM

Here’s a recap of our ZOOM devotional from this morning. Join us tomorrow morning at 9 AM—log in info is in your booklet! If you need assistance, contact Lisa (info at top of webpage).

Featured Video

Buenos Dias!  We are back on the bus and heading back to Redemption Village to meet the cooking ladies, Anna and Elsa.  They will show us how the prepare a meal for about 90 kids, in the small kitchen.  You may have participated in making the dry food packets for “Rise Against Hunger” to send around the world.  This one place they go.  Enjoy the video and imaging you are there serving the food to the children.

Some Next Steps: Find out more about Rick Sucher’s Ministry in the Dominican Republic by visiting his website ( You can also support Rick Sucher and his team by donating financially (one time or recurring) by visiting and selecting Rick Sucher from the drop-down list.

Cooking Class

Sweet Plantains with Barb Sucher
You can find the recipe card for this dish in your box.

Where In The World (WITW): Casandra’s home and family

Remember Casandra who prayed and sang yesterday?  Well, she is going to take us on a little tour from the Sunday School to her home.  We will learn more about her and her family.  Then we will go to meet her grandmother and see her little store.  Imagine if your family all lived close enough to walk to visit them, wouldn’t that be fun!


Lesson 3: See Ya Later!
Have questions or want more help? Email Andrew at

Song: Grande Y Fuerte (Big & Strong)

Bible Story

Jesus Feeds Five Thousand
Matthew 14:13-21

Jesus is miraculous and caring, and is intentional about taking care of his people … which includes you. Check out this truth played out in our skit of “Jesus Feeds Five Thousand.”


A Sweet Treat
Supplies from your box: cookie, frosting, sprinkles (and goldfish … as a snack!)


Today we will see how the house became a Sunday School.  It started out with a dirt floor so we had to pour concrete.  We added fans and lights and a lot of paint.  Finally, it was ready for the tables, benches and blackboards.  And all the children of course.  They are so happy to have their own space to worship God and now have teaching and a hot meal.