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June 22: DAY TWO

DEVOTIONAL (via ZOOM)—Live at 9 AM

Here’s a recap of our ZOOM devotional from this morning. Join us tomorrow morning at 9 AM—log in info is in your booklet! If you need assistance, contact Lisa (info at top of webpage).

Featured Video

Hola mi amigos!  Today we are going to Los Castillos to see Rick’s office and learn how it has grown.  It’s not very far from Redemption Village where we were yesterday.  The office building was originally a single-story store front.  Half of it was the office and the other side was used for storage.  You will see in the slide show how we turned the storage area into a small church.  It grew so quickly, we had to add on more space in the front the next year.  Rick will tell you all about that in this video and show you how much it has changed.  Sit back and enjoy the story.

We hope you enjoyed the tour. Now let’s hop on the bus and go to Redemption Village again.  Casandra, one of the students will lead a prayer and she and her friends will sing a song for us.  Wait till you see the joy they have praising God, just like you do here at home.

Now we will meet Pastor Willie and Pastora Ysabella.  They run the children’s program at Redemption.  They are the sweetest couple and have so much love for the children.   Let’s hear their story on how the started working in the ministry and how a hurricane brought attention to a tiny church and made it grow.

Some Next Steps: Find out more about Rick Sucher’s Ministry in the Dominican Republic by visiting his website ( You can also support Rick Sucher and his team by donating financially (one time or recurring) by visiting and selecting Rick Sucher from the drop-down list.

Cooking Class

Yuca con Mojo with Barb Sucher and Susan Giarrusso
You can find the recipe card for this dish in your box.

Where In The World (WITW): the Sewing School

The sewing school moved to Redemption Village last year when the old school building became available.  After some renovating it is a perfect set up for classes.  Let’s hear the history from Esther, meet some of the students and see some of the things they have made.  Then Esther will teach us how to make a mask.  The materials are in your box.  Have fun and happy sewing. If you need some extra help, watch the third video of Susan walking through the steps to sew the mask!


Lesson 2: Activities
Have questions or want more help? Email Andrew at

Song: Grande Y Fuerte (Big & Strong)

Bible Story

Jesus Heals a Lame Man
John 5:1-13

Jesus is powerful—in his words, actions and character … and that power is living inside of you. Check out this truth played out in our skit of “Jesus Heals a Lame Man.”


A Lame Man … Walks!
Supplies from your box: white paper, brown paper, googly eyes, pencil, glue and scissors


As we mentioned yesterday, the little church has grown and needs more seating and a Sunday school. The house you saw on the tour, to the left of the church, had been the home of the Pastor and his 4 children.  They recently moved into a larger home provided by another team.  We will turn that house into the Sunday school and start the construction later in the week.

Today we will begin building benches for the church and blackboards and tables for the Sunday school.  It takes a large team to do a project this big and God provided just that.  Watch now as we get started and see how excited the children get as we work outside where they can watch and join in.  Yes, we get a little messy.