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June 21: DAY ONE

DEVOTIONAL (via ZOOM)—Live at 9 AM

Here’s a recap of our ZOOM devotional from this morning. Join us tomorrow morning at 9 AM—log in info is in your booklet! If you need assistance, contact Lisa (info at top of webpage).

Featured Video

Welcome to Puerto Plata. We have just landed and are heading out to meet our team on the ground. Mariflor is the first one to come running up to meet us. Watch the video as we get on the bus and take the drive to Rick Sucher’s office. Then Rick will give us all the information about the week ahead, just as he does each time we arrive.

Cooking Class

Tostones (Dominican French Fries) with Janae Sucher
You can find the recipe card for this dish in your box.

Where In The World (WITW): Redemption Village

Are you ready to head to Redemption Village?  This is where it all started.  The church you will see at the entrance, had grown so much that they needed a Sunday school for the kids.  We will start that project this afternoon.

First let’s get on the bus and drive to Redemption.  When we get there, Pastor Rick will take us on a walking tour and show you around.  Let’s Go!

Some Next Steps: Find out more about Rick Sucher’s Ministry in the Dominican Republic by visiting his website ( You can also support Rick Sucher and his team by donating financially (one time or recurring) by visiting and selecting Rick Sucher from the drop-down list.


Lesson 1: Intros & Welcome
Have questions or want more help? Email Andrew at

Song: Grande Y Fuerte (Big & Strong)

Bible Story

Jesus and The Lost Sheep
Luke 15:1-7

Jesus searches for the Lost and calls them found. Check out this truth played out in a skit of “Jesus and the Lost Sheep” performed in the Dominican Republic.

Today we will share the story of the lost sheep with the help of Bobby interpreting and some of the children in Congrejos taking part. We always share Bible stories with the kids and we filmed this one in April so you could experience what it is like!


Sheep, sheep!
Supplies from your box: black paper, green paper, white paper, cotton balls, cupcake wrapper.



  1. Using the black paper, cut out all your pieces for the sheep.
  2. Spread open the cupcake wrapper and glue it to the blank paper.
  3. Glue all the body parts in the appropriate places around the wrapper.
  4. Glue your cotton balls on the body of the sheep.
  5. Don’t forget to add the eyes!
  6. Using the green paper, add some grass for the pasture.


Today we will look at a project we did in Redemption Village.  Anna is one of the ladies who cooks for the children.  She is a grandmother, who is raising her grandchildren.  Her home had numerous problems like a leaking roof, unsafe electrical issues and had never been painted.  We spent a whole day painting, and the children couldn’t wait to help.  Anna smiles as she watched her home being restored.  Take a look as Rick tells us more about it.