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The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse: The Brave Little Squire (see episode on disney+)

Main Idea

In parallel to the story of David and Goliath, good things often come from unexpected heroes. Additionally, there’s more to being a hero than just how you look. In the episode, Mortimer acts like he is the knight, but in reality he’s mean and a bit of a wuss. However, Mickey is brave and chivalrous, even though he’s not what a typical knight looks like. Similarly, Goliath is everything that a warrior should be – big and strong; however, he’s nastily mean! David, on the other hand, trusts God and in doing so is revealed to be not just a warrior for God, but a true king!


“Goliath stood and shouted to the Israelite soldiers, “Why have you taken positions for battle? I am a Philistine, and you are Saul’s servants! Choose a man and send him to fight me. If he can fight and kill me, we will become your servants. But if I defeat and kill him, you will become our servants.” Then he said, “Today I stand and dare the army of Israel! Send one of your men to fight me!” When Saul and the Israelites heard the Philistine’s words, they were very afraid.”

‭‭1 Samuel 17: 8-11

“David asked the men who stood near him, “What will be done to reward the man who kills this Philistine? What will be done for whoever takes away the shame from Israel? Goliath is a Philistine. He is not circumcised. Why does he think he can speak against the armies of the living God?” David’s oldest brother Eliab heard David talking with the soldiers. He became angry with David. He asked David, “Why did you come here? Who’s taking care of those few sheep of yours in the desert? I know you are proud. Your attitude is very bad. You came down here just to watch the battle!” David asked, “Now what have I done wrong? Can’t I even talk?” He then turned to other people and asked the same questions. And they gave him the same answer as before. Some men heard what David said and told Saul. Then Saul ordered David to be sent to him. David said to Saul, “Don’t let anyone be discouraged. I, your servant, will go and fight this Philistine!” Saul answered, “You can’t go out against this Philistine and fight him. You’re only a boy. Goliath has been a warrior since he was a young man.” But David said to Saul, “I, your servant, have been keeping my father’s sheep. When a lion or bear came and took a sheep from the flock, I would chase it. I would attack it and save the sheep from its mouth. When it attacked me, I caught it by its fur. I would hit it and kill it. I, your servant, have killed both a lion and a bear! Goliath, the Philistine who is not circumcised, will be like the lion or bear I killed. He will die because he has stood against the armies of the living God. The Lord saved me from a lion and a bear. He will also save me from this Philistine.” Saul said to David, “Go, and may the Lord be with you.””

‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭17‬:‭26‬, ‭28‬-‭37

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you know about the story of David and Goliath?
  2. When was there a time when you had to be brave? What happened?
  3. How can faith in God help us be brave?