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Throughout the history of the Church, generosity has been a recognizable factor to the world of God’s love. For Christians, it’s meant to become second nature … because generosity is our response to the gift of God’s generosity toward us. His generosity, leads to our gratitude, which overflows in generosity back to Him. We can trace the thread: our gratitude comes from His generosity. 

“Yes, you will be enriched in every way so that you can always be generous. And when we take your gifts to those who need them, they will thank God.” —2 Corinthians 9:11

In this Scripture above, the people in need can trace the tread—their gratitude comes from the generosity of God’s people. By your tithes and offerings, you’re able to have the exact same impact today. Your generosity, in response to God’s generosity to you, will lead to someone else overflowing with thankfulness because you’ve decided to give. Here are a couple ways your tithes and offerings this year have led to someone else’s thanksgiving:

  • Churchwide “Canyon” series exploring spiritual disciplines via sermon series and small groups
  • Celebrate Recovery (now in its 11th year at UC) has grown beyond their space in The LOFT and moved into the Worship Center on Tuesday nights
  • Surpassing our 40,000 goal, UC prep and 45,792 total meals with Rise Against Hunger
  • Welcomed 33 new members to the church family through Membership Classes and Confirmation
  • Summer brought 869 kids and youth on our campus to dive into their faith through VBS, Fun Camps, Youth Camps and more (with the help of 235 volunteers)
  • Churchwide Alpha small groups consist of 300+ adults, 50+ middle schoolers and 60+ kids


In this season of stewardship—our leadership’s planning for the upcoming year—we want to ask you to prayerfully consider your next step in generosity. What if your commitment this year will be the reason someone else says “thank you, God!”?

Below, you’ll find some examples of how God has multiplied the gifts of cheerful givers at University Carillon this year … tracing the thread of those who are experiencing God’s blessings back to the source of generosity: God’s people and most ultimately, God Himself.

UC & LifeSong Church send team to city of Sousa, Dominican Republic

UC has had a long-standing relationship with Sucher Ministries—overseeing a Bible school, administering a children’s feeding program, teaching women to sew for a living and completing special projects. Our team was on mission Oct 8–14 ministering to the local community alongside Sucher Ministries.
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Brain Wellness and VPK kids enjoy conversation and lunch on Mondays

Starting this year— our first Lunch Bunch! Every Monday, a couple of the VPK classes from our UC Early Learning Center joined our Brain Wellness group for lunch!
Brain Wellness is a ministry that provides a therapeutic environment where members can engage in brain-healthy activities and learn lifestyle adaptations.
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UC packed 45,792 total meals with Rise Against Hunger

UC hosted a Rise Against Hunger packing party after each weekend worship gathering. The goal: pack 40,000 meals. The outcome: 45,792 total meals! These meals will be distributed around the world to those most in need.
Thank you, church, for coming out to be the church in a tangible way … and partnering with Rise Against Hunger’s mission to end world hunger.
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Converge: 100 youth students, 70 volunteers, 28 work sites

Two groups of Converge youth students hosted a delicious lunch to 85 seniors on Thursday of the week long mission trip. They helped prepare and served lunch in the Worship Center, while eight other Converge groups were out serving our community in other ways. Students had a blast all week through service and mission work in the Orlando area.
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UC women’s groups have been meeting on Tuesday mornings for 20+ years

University Carillon’s Women’s Ministry is open to women of all ages, needs, and stages in their lives. Five groups including 50-70 women have met on Tuesday morning for at least 20 years. Per Sarah Ramey, “I’ve loved studying the Word of God, growing in faith and closer to Jesus as I share life with these amazing women and friends!”
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Parenting Class (on Weds) reach UCELC, Upward and church families

Pastor Craig and Jesse Bachman led a class
on “Parenting Together” … partnering with
Jesus and each other to parent with the end
in mind. Alongside church families, this
class reached Upward and UCELC families
who do not have a church home.
This was one of many avenues that allowed
the community to jump into the life of the
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God began a lot of amazing things this year, and we’re excited to see how He continues to encourage University Carillon to reach people longing for Him. What would it look like to trust God with your story and resources to reach someone, like He did for you? Consider partnering with God at University Carillon in 2023.

Help us plan for 2023—below is a digital plan to give and serve. Please fill these out and by November 12–13.

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Thank you for partnering with God at University Carillon.