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Sucher Ministry Update: Dominican Republic

Friends and family at University Carillon, we are adapting like everyone else in a more controlled quarantined environment. There are curfews, mandated masks, limited group size, and they are even considering closing the border and/or limiting who can fly in and out of the country. Many people have been out of work for months and there is no real help for them from the Dominican Republic government. In the midst of this, the Lord is showing us new ways to minister and we are adapting as best we can as a ministry.

  1. Bible schools doing live ZOOM classes. This was a challenge with internet issues, phone upgrades, affordability of internet, etc. Each week we now have classes in 2 locations. So exciting! We are looking at having special teachers share once a month from the US. Working on those details now. Reinhard Bonke was the teacher for one night; he was teaching on Power-Evangelism.
  1. Occupational training. For English classes, we are turning to Zoom as well. We will have a time of sharing, a short devotional and prayer time as a way to minister to the students before the class starts.
  1. Children’s programs. Instead of meeting with 50–70 kids all at one time, we have grouped them up by ages and in smaller groups with spatial distancing. With many people out of work this is an important time; as we not only share the word of God and disciple the children, we also provide a good, nutritious meal for them as well.
  1. Occupational training—sewing. We have recruited several women and men from our past classes as well as new recruits to make masks not only our programs, but for all of Redemption Village—over 1600 masks for adults and kids. Our sewing program have made masks for all our kids and all our programs.
  1. Food distribution. As funds come in we are putting together food boxes for families. We are working with Pastors who know where the greatest needs are, and those are the families we are helping.
  1. Finally finished our second floor space. We have a 10-year lease at $2 a year. God is good! We have our Sewing program here and when things settle down will have furniture building and other classes to help provide ways men and women can make money for their families. We do this so that we can attract those that might not step in a church and introduce them to Jesus.

Know that you all are in our thought and prayers. Miss you!

—Rick and Barb Sucher