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Relaunch This Weekend (June 20-21)

Relaunch This Weekend (June 20-21)

We’re checking in with you and letting you know about some important info for our relaunch this weekend (June 20–21). And please know that as we plan and prep for our relaunch, things might change. You can always stay up to date by visiting our church website.

The way church will look when we relaunch will look a lot different, but we want to be clear with one thing: God doesn’t change, and our mission of being a community sent to help anyone and everyone become a follower of Jesus doesn’t either.

So as we open up our in-person gatherings, please feel no pressure to attend if you don’t yet feel comfortable.  Don’t worry … the relationships and family you’ve experienced and have at University Carillon are still here and strong. However, if you do, the way we go about our in-person worship gatherings will look different. Take a look: