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Kids Ministry Subscription Box Activity: Brave

Kids Ministry Subscription Box Activity: Brave

May 19, 2020

Today’s family activity: Whenever I think about the word brave, I tend to think about a superhero. My two favorite superheroes are Wonder Woman and the Black Panther. Both superheroes are brave in every way. They are ready to face any situation, whether it be scary or dangerous, if it means that they can keep others safe. They know their purpose and identity and fully live into it.

Here is the activity for the day. Imagine that you are a superhero and come up with the answers to these questions…

– What would your name be?
– What are your superpowers?
– Where do you live?
– Do you have any sidekicks?
– Do you have a weakness? (Mine would be chocolate chip cookies)
– Do you have a special vehicle or tools?

Now, draw yourself as a superhero! Make sure to share your drawing on our Facebook or share it with Felicia and Jesse via email!

Want to share it with us? (We would sure like to see it). Post your photos on our Facebook page: Kids Ministry at University Carillon.

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