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Holy Week Devotional: Silent Wednesday

Holy Week Devotional: Silent Wednesday

April 8, 2020

There is no mention of what Jesus did on the Wednesday before His death. Given the intense nature of this week and the extensive attention paid to the other days, why the silence? Perhaps it is a reminder to us that we cannot know everything there is to know or everything we want to know. Maybe it is an indicator that mystery is an important element of faith. I guess there is the possibility that it was such a lazy day that there was nothing worth mentioning. Or maybe, maybe this was a day just to be enjoyed and remembered by friends. After all, some things are for our eyes, hearts, minds and memories alone.

We can speculate all we want but maybe there’s a better option. Maybe we just let Wednesday remain silent. Maybe we leave the blanks blank.

You see, we like miracle-worker Jesus. We like teaching, healing, working, walking, confronting-the-Pharisees Jesus. But silent Jesus, the Jesus who is present yet unnoticed, the Jesus who listens rather than speaks, the Jesus who slips secretly into solitude without warning or word is a Jesus we do not know what to do with.

If you’ve ever been surrounded by silence and felt more frantic than if you were surrounded by chaos, I feel you. It’s what I feel and what I become when I can’t see or hear or feel God. Yet time and again, the silence breaks and God reveals that the silence of God is not the same thing as the absence of God. Take some time today to rest, listen and be still. Resist the temptation to interrupt the silence with noise and may God speak to you today through what you do not hear.

Song for further reflection: “The Lord our God” by Kristian Stanfill

For conversation or prayerful mediation:
– What do you find most unnerving about silence?
– Why might there be times in our lives that require God’s silence?
– Take 10 minutes today and sit in silence. Journal your thoughts for further reflection.