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Holy Week Devotional: Monday

Holy Week Devotional: Monday

April 6, 2020

I’ll be honest—there’s something in me that prefers the Jesus who heals people and hugs children over the Jesus who flips tables in the temple. And yet the Monday of Holy Week, this table-turning, angry Jesus is who we see in Matthew 21: He walks into the church and sees it not being a “house of prayer” as it should but rather a “den of robbers,” with money-changers and merchants stealing from each other and stealing the spotlight for worship. The blind and lame are forgotten on the outskirts. And the church has forgotten who they were made to be.

So Jesus flips the tables of the money-changers and merchants, and soon we hear tables and stands hitting the temple floors with a clang, precious coins sprawling across the ground. It seemed like Jesus was throwing a temper tantrum until I read verse 14, where we find out what He does with this cleared space:

The blind and lame come in.

At first they were on the peripheries of the church, but Jesus makes a way for them to come in, and He heals them.

It’s a beautiful story, but it wasn’t real to me until I realized that the Bible says that each of us are the church. We are the church. You are the church. Your heart is the very temple that can house the living, powerful God, that can be a sacred space that worships and welcomes in.

So take this Monday to reflect on the space Jesus creates for people to come in, keeping in mind this truth: church is a verb. We as the church, each of us as the church, were made to worship Him and welcome others in wherever we are: at home, at the store, even online. So as you reflect, keep these two words in your minds today: worship, and welcome. Worship, and welcome – and let Him surprise you with the ways He works when we give Him the space to move.