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Generosity of the Church

Generosity of the Church

March 26, 2020

Steve Painter, Chair of Staff-Parish Relations Committee, shares an update of the church and how your continued giving is impacting and furthering the mission of the church even while we’re practicing social distancing.

One of the most encouraging things we’ve experienced in the midst of this time we’re in, is the generosity of the church that calls University Carillon home. The response we receive when our staff reaches out to our members are summed up by the response, “How can we help?”

Some of the ways you’ve done just that include Community Pantry drop offs, sharing the livestream gatherings on your Facebook page, participating in online discipleship, and being the church to your neighbors. Thank you!

While our in-person gatherings have been on pause due to social distancing, our mission to help anyone and everyone become a follower of Jesus has become stronger. The church is a resilient being, and we’re seeing this even in the midst of social distancing.

We look forward to the day we get to worship together in person, but today we’ve got our sights set on Jesus … will you help us continue reaching people for the glory of God and the sake of the world?