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Dominican Republic Update

Dominican Republic Update

What your prayers and support mean to people in the Dominican Republic.

While there’s been a pandemic pause for mission team trips to the D.R., the work doesn’t stop and, as you might imagine, the need has increased. Your prayers and gifts have been more important than ever!

Here’s what’s been happening and how you can continue to help.

The D.R. sponsors a trade school program and has approved offering accredited sewing and other classes in our newly restored second-floor building in Redemption Village. Two large spaces will hold up to 20 students. This will help some find jobs and give others skills to start their own home business.

They also approved the smaller building in front of our office in Las Piedras for computer classes that will hold up to 10 students with back-to-back classes. We need to raise approximately $4,900 to buy computers and support equipment to run this school. Would you consider helping sponsor this program? It would be a great opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

Motorcycles: Help Them Mount Up!

Help Them Mount Up! This month we will be helping to buy three motorcycles for pastors. These faithful men have been walking or having to pay for public transportation to minister to the people in their communities — pastoral visits, prayer for the sick, services, evangelism outreaches and Bible studies.

Children’s Discipleship Program in Congreo

Several years ago the Lord connected us with Pastor Jose Luis. He became one of the first pastors to start a Bible school in his church. For over two years he and his wife oversaw the school. They raised up 12 leaders in the church. We began to partner for joint evangelism projects, door-to-door evangelism and, for the past two years, hosting a children’s outreach in Congreo.

Doing this out of a half-finished church was difficult. The Lord began to put it on our hearts to find a way to sponsor and finish off his church. In 2019 this started to become a reality. Little by little the Lord began bringing in the money to help finish the block work for the church and cement the walls.

Then LifeSong Church raised more than $4,000 to complete a roof and paint the building. Additional money came in for electrical work, windows, doors and ceiling fans.

Now we have ample space for over 40 children in two back-to-back classes. 

Bible School opportunity in Congreo:

This year as the Lord allows we will be partnering again to start a new group of Bible school students. Please pray with us and, as the Lord allows, maybe you could sponsor one of the students!

Because of COVID, many ministry costs have gone up – some by as much as 35 percent. We provide an offering to staff each month to help cover their costs. Barb and I prayed and raised their offerings to help them through this as they have been so faithful serving the Lord and His ministry in the DR.

SPECIAL REQUEST: If you are not a monthly sponsor, would you consider becoming one? If you are already giving monthly, even a slight increase can be an enormous help!

Your faithful support helps us provide offerings for our staff in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to your prayers and giving you have been part of this amazing journey.

May the Lord bless you!

Rick, Barb, Janae, Julia and Jessica