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Addressing Growing Edges – October 2018

This fall, University Carillon hosted several opportunities to grow in faith and spiritual discipline.

Rev. Alan Poole, a retired pharmaceutical-executive-turned-minister from England, led us in a week of gatherings to learn more about prayer. In addition to sharing his own pilgrimage into a fuller life of prayer, Rev. Poole and his cohorts taught on prayer and fasting, silence, solitude, personal prayer and praying in the spirit. (You’re invited to take advantage of two ongoing opportunities to engage in prayer at the church and for the church—Tuesdays and noon and Sundays at 9 am.)

Dr. Joseph Okello, associate professor of philosophy of religion at Asbury Seminary, led us in an exploration of the issues of pain and suffering in our world. After giving us some theological underpinning, Dr. Okello opened the floor for questions such as Where is God in my pain? How can God be good and all-powerful if there’s so much evil in the world? Can I still trust in God’s goodness when life isn’t good? We will continue to walk together through such questions where there are no easy answers.

On October 20 (8:30 AM‒2 PM), Heart Peace Counseling Center will offer a practical follow-up to the belief-based considerations of dealing difficult issues as they present a seminar entitled Hearts Unshaken: Powerful Principles to Overcome Life’s Challenges. The day includes keynote presentations, worship and a self-care “tune-up.” Tickets are available at or by phone at 877-515-7775. (Heart Peace also offers individual and family counseling on site at University Carillon.)