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A summer of service and support – August 2019

As a church, we exist not for ourselves but for those Jesus loves wherever they are found. Some come to us … and some we go to. Summers afford us a perfect time to capitalize on our ability to both WELCOME and GO (to be “sent”). This summer was no exception. Between June 3 and August 2, University Carillon’s people gathered and scattered … acting as the hands and feet of Jesus in ways that reached from our campus all the way to the Dominican Republic.

Here’s some of what happened:
· 949 kids/youth attended …
· 11 on-site camps and 2 off-site camps.
· 705 individuals volunteered is some capacity …
· giving 9,490+ hours …
· at 33 organizations/places.

Thank you for helping us to continue living out our mission in these ways!