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Memory Verse


Bible Story

Being Humble Like Jesus

Put others first because Jesus put you first.

Philippians 2:3-8 NIRV

3 Don’t do anything only to get ahead. Don’t do it because you are proud. Instead, be free of pride. Think of others as better than yourselves.
4 None of you should look out just for your own good. You should also look out for the good of others.
5 You should think in the same way Christ Jesus does.
6 In his very nature he was God. But he did not think that being equal with God was something he should hold on to.
7 Instead, he made himself nothing. He took on the very nature of a servant. He was made in human form.
8 He appeared as a man. He came down to the lowest level. He obeyed God completely, even though it led to his death.

Daily Devotionals

Read Philippians 2:3

Grab a sheet of paper and write today’s verse.

Put a BIG box around the word “anything.” What does that word include? Well, everything! If you find yourself doing something just to get ahead or win or be first, don’t! Instead, you should what? Yes, be humble.

The next time you find yourself doing “anything” to get ahead, stop. Remember what Jesus has done for you and ask Him to help you put others first this week.

Read Philippians 2:5-6

Since 1837, Buckingham Palace has been the official London home of Britain’s monarchy. It takes a lot of people to run a palace with 600+ rooms. They even have two people who just take care of the 300 clocks inside!

How many people do you think work at the palace?

When Jesus came to earth, he was way more influential and important than any king or queen. But he didn’t build a fancy palace or expect other people to serve Him. He came to serve. He humbled himself, going all the way to the cross for us. We should put others first because Jesus put us first.

What’s Missing?
Fill in the missing letters below. Pray and ask Jesus to help you think and act like Him this week.

“A___ you ___ea___ ___i___ ___ o____e a_____o ____e ____, you ____ou____ _____ _____ ______i_____ ____ 
a_____ _____ a_____ ____ a_____ _____e____u_____ 
_____i_____ .” Philippians 2:5, NIrV

Read Philippians 2:7

Paul talks about how Jesus chose to come to earth and live a poor life instead of entering the world as a rightful king or powerful ruler. Jesus came to serve, to love others, to help, and most importantly to SAVE. Because of His obedience to live this way and to die on the cross for us, we can have a relationship with God forever. Jesus gives us the ultimate example of humility by choosing to put us first.

Take out a piece of paper and write the word “JESUS” in large block letters in the center of the page. All around the page, write out words that describe how you could become more like Jesus. Here are a few examples to get you started: loving, listening, serving, helping.

Ask God to help you follow him by putting others first this week.

Read Philippians 2:8

Jesus chose to put us first. When you follow Jesus, you can put His love into action. You can treat everyone around you like Jesus treated people in His life.

Because Jesus listened when people were hurting, you should listen well.

Because Jesus showed compassion to the people around him, you should show compassion.

Because Jesus taught others about God, you should tell others about Him.

Because Jesus consistently gave up what he wanted to put others first, you should put others first too.

Think of someone who you can put first. In the space below, write one way you could put that person first sometime this week. Be specific.


Ask God to help you follow through on what you’ve written so you can put others first just as Jesus put you first.

Actions speak louder than words. Show your kid today that what you do and  say isn’t out of obligation or responsibility. It’s because of your love for them.

At a meal, have everyone at the table answer this question: “Who is someone we as a family can help together? What can we do? How can we do it?”

While on the go, ask your kid: “Let’s look for people helping others and see how many we can find.” Try to guess how many you think you’ll be able to identify. At the end of the day, see who got closest.

Pray for each other: “Open our eyes to see the needs of those around us, and show us ways we can help them with the things You have given us.”