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Holy Spirit Weekend

May 24-25. 2024 | 6:30–8:30 PM • 8:30 AM–12:15 PM

Registration closes Monday, May 20, 2024.

Friday (6:30–8:30 PM)Saturday (8:30 AM–12:15 PM)
in the Worship Center

Cost: FREE

Quite often, our understanding of the Holy Spirit is limited to the Trinity, however, each of us are filled with the Holy Spirit to continue to partner with God’s will here on Earth. There’s more to discover about who you are and how the Spirit plays a role in your walk with Jesus.

Holy Spirit Weekend will cultivate an environment to encounter the Holy Spirit, exploring His purpose and promises in the Word of God through Psalm 2, Joel 2 and Acts 2.

Holy Spirit Weekend is one of three gatherings over the next year (Fall 2024, February 2025) centered on the purpose, practice and power of exploring the Holy Spirit. More info to come.

Tentative Schedule

Friday (6:30–8:30 PM)
6 PM – doors open
6:30 – Welcome & Weekend Overview
6:40 – Session 1
8:30 PM – Send out

Saturday (8:30 AM–12:15 PM)
8:30 AM – doors open
9 AM – Session 2
10 AM – Break
10:15 AM – Session 3
12:15 PM – Send out

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Will we be sitting around tables watching videos all day?
Nope! Think of this day more like a conference (if you’ve been to one before). We’ll have some main sessions and worship in the Worship Center, but we’ll be moving around the church campus for lunch, breakouts and times for prayer!

Why are we focusing on the Holy Spirit?
Though we confess belief in the Trinity—Father, son, and Holy Spirit—if we are honest, we probably are far more comfortable articulating who the Father and Jesus are than to explain who the Holy Spirit is and what the Spirit does. Jesus tells his disciples (and us!) that it is better to receive the Spirit, than to be with him in person (John 16:7).

Why is called “Holy Spirit Weekend” if the event is just on Saturday?
While the event is only one day, we’re encouraging you to experience more of the Holy Spirit throughout the weekend. There will be ways for you to put into practice some of the things you’ll be learning at HSW throughout the event and into Sunday.

Isn’t this something just for those participating in Alpha?
Nope! Alpha has a component on the Holy Spirit, and this weekend fills the requirement. However, our team has put together a weekend full of content and room to explore and seek the Holy Spirit. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the Holy Spirit, but felt you’re too far into your faith … this is a perfect next step.

I already know about the Holy Spirit. Why should I attend?
The Holy Spirit has a lot more to teach you! This is a perfect next step to explore more of your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

I can only make part of the day. Can I still come?
Absolutely! We’d love for you to be here the entire time, but we understand life is busy! Feel free to jump into the day when you can. The schedule will be released closer to the event.

What will my kids be doing?
We understand that a full day is long and exhausting … and even more so for kiddos! However, our Kids Ministry team is amazing at walking alongside your kiddos to create a fun, engaging and exciting environment. The day will have elements of Holy Spirit teaching through different rotations. Has your kid been to a Fun Camp over summer with us? This will look similar!

My kids will be at Upward for games in the morning. Can we still attend?
Absolutely! Feel free to drop off your kids with our Kids Ministry team after you check into your adult class! The schedule will be released closer to the event.