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2021 Virtual Mission Trip (Dominican Republic)

Jun 21–25 |

Registration is Closed


Any amount to the kitchen in Congrejo Church

COST: $100/box

It’s not often that “global mission” and “feasible” share the same sentence. While mission is a never-ending journey we embark on as we become closer with Jesus, it’s not always the most practical thing to partner in when that mission is made global … until today.

University Carillon has partnered with Sucher Ministries (in the Dominican Republic) for over 15 years and has been fortunate to send teams to the DR every summer to serve, until recently. This year, we’re bringing global missions to your front door—through a Virtual Mission Trip!

Jump into a week of our DR Mission Trip where you will be able to immerse yourself in culture through virtual tours, Dominican meals, ministry videos, Bible stories and more! While you get a peek into the ministry currently happening in the DR, explore how Jesus is the one thing we can always count on to connect us beyond border, language, culture and distance.

As we do with in-person mission trips, we will have a major project that will be funded through this virtual trip! We will be helping to add a kitchen in the Congrejo Church.

This summer—with the help of new resources and videos—our hope is that Jesus can connect you and your family to global missions through this Virtual Mission Trip.

Project: Kitchen in Congrejo Church


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Who can participate?
This trip was designed with you in mind! Anyone (all ages) interested in learning more about global missions, the Sucher ministry or how you can live missionally right where you’re at. If you’ve ever wanted to go on a mission trip but haven’t had the opportunity (for whatever reason), this is for you!

Can my whole family participate?
Yes! While the video content is applicable to everyone (just wait … there’s some really cool footage), you will have some age-specific content/activities in the box! This is a great “trip” for the whole family to engage in!

I (we) don’t have any experience with global missions … is this a good place to start?
We actually think this is the best experience—given our circumstances—to start your journey of partnering with Jesus in global missions! Our hope is for you to have real and tangible experiences on this “trip” to help you understand a little more about global missions … and maybe one day joining us on an in-person trip!

What’s in the box?
Well as with every global mission trip … it’s important to have the essentials: a boarding pass with your name on it, a personal passport and an itinerary! But don’t worry—we’ve got everything else covered, too. Supplies for activities, cooking lessons and more will be provided in the box! …and yes, it’s one box per household! We’ll outfit your box to your household after you register.

It’s a “week long” trip … what does that look like?
We’re setting up the week to look similar to a week you would experience in the DR on a mission trip! Places you would go, people you would meet, activities you would do, meals you would eat, etc. Each day “begins” at 9 AM and has some live, but mostly pre-recorded content. You can travel and explore at your own pace … but we would love for you to participate in some LIVE components (ex: morning devotional), however, it’s not required. Each day should take no more than 3 hours to complete (with activity times included).

“At your own pace.” What do you mean by that?
One advantage to this virtual mission trip is that you control the pace at which you experience it! Usually, we’re on a somewhat strict schedule in the DR for projects, meals, places to be, etc. But on the virtual mission trip, each day new content will become available and it’s up to you to press “play.” You can watch videos, choose which activities you want to participate in, decide if you want to watch the cooking video later and make the recipe for dinner … it’s up to you!

Is there a project that will be completed in the Dominican Republic through this trip like previous years?
As we do with in-person mission trips, we will have a major project that will be funded through this virtual trip! We will be helping to add a kitchen in the Congrejo Church.

Can I sponsor a box for family to participate?
Yes! You can sponsor a box for a family to participate. You can do so by going to the payments page and choose “DR Virtual Mission Trip” as the fund.

Can I donate to the major project being completed in the Dominican Republic (the kitchen in Congrejo Church)?
Yes! You can do so by going to the payments page and choose “DR Virtual Mission Trip” as the fund.

What will we experience?
An easy way to sum it up: a lot of new content! Whether you’ve been on this trip before, or it’s your first ever mission trip, you’ll have access to A LOT of new footage, recipes, interviews and more. We had a small team head to the Dominican Republic this year to capture some new footage, catch up with some old friends and bring back some great memories for you to share in!

Our hope is this is a transformative trip—that you experience mission through the lens of Jesus. And we’re ready to help you with some next steps beyond this point.

What do I need to participate?
First off—your willingness to explore! That’s a great place to start. Specifically, though, you’ll need: a computer, internet access (videos available via, and your box!