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Forms & Final Details Reminder 2024

Hey Converge families! Converge is officially ONE WEEK away!! We are so excited for what God has in store!

Here are some reminders of some important details to know before the week: a packing list, important Pre-Registration details, and forms you need to bring printed and signed to Pre-Registration on June 23.

Please read the following fully and carefully so you have everything your student needs for an amazing Converge!


*no early drop-offs please*




The Converge Commissioning Service will be this Sunday, June 23, at the 11:30AM Service (Vessel) at University Carillon. Students and parents coming should come and sit together on the left side of the worship center (first building) for service. Parents, you’re also encouraged to come and stay for service!

If possible, we’re also asking & encouraging all parents and students to come a little earlier, at 10:30AM, so we can be prayed over by the 10AM church service. If you can come a little early, please do! We will meet in the EPIC Lobby at 10:30, head over for prayer, and then grab seats after for the 11:30AM service. (If you can’t come at 10:30AM, please still come at 11:30AM.)

Immediately following service (around 1PM), students will go to the EPICenter for Pre-Registration. We also need all parents to be at Pre-Registration. If you cannot make it to Pre-Registration and have not contacted Scott at, please do so ASAP.


To make Pre-registration run more efficiently this year, we have created a new Student Information Form that includes Time Away, Rx Forms, and OTC Medicine needs. Please fill this out and bring it along with you to Pre-Registration Sunday! We will have extras on site if you forget to fill it out in advance. This form will cover:

  • Medications & Dietary Restrictions //  If your student has any medications or dietary restrictions, you will need to fill out the Rx Form on the Student Info Form. Please bring any medication your student needs as well.
  • Time Away //  We discourage anyone leaving during the week, but sometimes this is unavoidable. If anyone needs to leave during the week (including going home to sleep), there is a mandatory Time Away Card on the form that you will need to fill out. We will then let you know where you can pick up your student during the week.
  • Over the Counter Medicine //  The OTC Medicine section of the form will let us know which OTC medicines your student can have administered to them by a staff member throughout the week.


As a reminder: on Monday morning, drop-off is at 9 AM (no early drop-offs PLEASE…even if your student wants to come early to put their sleeping bags down! The staff will be finishing preparations before then) in the EPICenter. Please come in with your student to confirm that we have everything we need. Pickup on Friday afternoon will be 3 PM at EPIC, on the basketball courts. If you are unable to pick up at this time, please contact Scott at as soon as possible (no later than June 21). We have to return the rental vans immediately after students leave, and everyone will be exhausted from a busy week. Thank you in advance!


Due to several students with peanut/tree nut allergies, we will not be having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch as we’ve had in past years. Instead, students will make their own sandwiches with options of lunch meat each day. Throughout the week we will provide plenty of snacks, but we know some students like to pack their own! Please make sure your student does not bring any snacks containing peanuts. We also want to make sure to keep our sleeping areas as food-free as possible! If your student brings snacks please limit them and make sure they are sealed / can be closed. 

When we return from serve sites each day, we will be sweaty and gross! We will have free time to hang out, eat snacks and shower. We will be at EPIC for this each day! We are utilizing outdoor showers again this year, with completely separate guy / girl areas where students must wear swimsuits. (Indoor showers are also an option, but there are only a few!) 


Yes! For remaining volunteer needs, check out the Signup Genius for Converge 2024 linked below. We currently still need help with food: serving meals, preparing/dropping off food, and donating food items. If you are able to help with food in any capacity, we would appreciate it so much! THANK YOU to everyone who has volunteered to help so far!


Below are PDF attachments of forms for several volunteers sites and needs (5 forms total). These MUST be printed, filled out, signed, and brought to Pre-Registration SUNDAY, June 23. If you would like to drop off completed forms BEFORE Pre-Registration, please put them in Scott’s mailbox in the front church, between 9 AM–3 PM, Monday – Thursday, or during weekend worship services.


Everyone needs an up-to-date, notarized Medical Release Form on file with us (attached below), attached to a copy of your insurance card. If your student has attended an overnight retreat with us in 2024, we have their MRF on file already. Otherwise, everyone needs to fill out a new form regardless of if they have attended Converge in the past.

 **must be notarized**


As a reminder, our Student Information Form includes Time Away, Rx Forms, and OTC Medicine needs. Please fill this out and bring it along with you to Pre-Registration Sunday!

  • Converge T-Shirt — you will receive this at Pre-Registration
  • Clothes — dress code is consistent with school policy
  • Sheets / sleeping bag
  • Twin-sized air mattress or sleeping pad / cot *highly encouraged*
  • Pillow
  • Tennis shoes (MANDATORY)
  • Garden gloves
  • Water bottle — refillable, with your name on it
  • Journal
  • Bible — if you don’t have one, please email me or let a staff member know. We would love to get you one!
  • Toiletries (shampoo, tooth brush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc.)
  • Shower items
  • Bath towels (2)
  • Beach towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Flip flops
  • Bathing suit — Ladies, there will be the option to swim on Friday, but like last few years, girls will be asked either to wear one-pieces/tankinis without large cutouts, or wear a shirt/tank top over their top. Guys, please no Speedos. Please contact Scott with any questions. Thank you for understanding!

Lastly, please be in prayer for the week! We will have 100+ students going to multiple volunteer sites Monday – Thursday, ending with a fun day on Friday. They will have the opportunity to connect with, and impact so many people as they see God’s love in action! Please be praying for safety, and that they will encounter God in a way that transforms both them and the world around them. Pray that we would find ourselves rediscovering old truths in new ways, and that we would find ourselves rooted in His heart more deeply than ever before. We know it’s no accident that your student is part of this week. We can’t wait to see what God has in store!

THANK YOU for your part in making this an awesome week! We so excited for all God wants to do…and we’re so excited your student is part of it!

Take care,
Scott Harmon
EPIC Youth Pastor