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Starting January 8-9 Weekend

You’ve probably heard that Christianity is about believing in Jesus. That’s true … but there’s more to it than that. It’s about becoming like Jesus. That’s what God calls us to, and that’s what our world desperately needs—not just more people to check the box of believing in Jesus, but people who are dedicating their lives to becoming more like Him!

But how do we actually do it? Are we supposed to just fake it until we make it, or are there tried and true ways that can take us deeper? Do we just go it alone, or are there places to figure it out with others? If we’ve already been on that journey for a while, have we peaked and plateaued, or is there even more God wants to form in and through us?

We want to kickoff 2022 by taking that journey together. For some of us, it’s the first time we’re consciously making a commitment to become more like Jesus. For others, it’s a continuation—a deepening—of a journey we’ve been on for a while. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, we believe God is calling you deeper, and it is our goal as a church to resource you on that journey.

We’ll be doing this through a new church-wide sermon series starting January 9 called Canyon (a theme which is explained in the video above). The series will follow the pattern of 12 spiritual disciplines—12 practical ways of becoming more like Jesus—as laid out in Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. 

But we want this to be more than just a sermon series. We’re going to encourage you to engage in three spaces. We wholeheartedly believe that some sort of involvement in these three areas is essential for anyone seeking to become more like Jesus:

• SERVICEAttend a weekend service to hear the Word preached and spend time in the presence of God with the larger community of the church. Our hope is that this would be a space for you to encounter God alongside the family of God, and welcome others into that family as well.

• SMALL GROUPCommit to becoming like Jesus alongside other people. There’s only so much community, conversation, and connection that can happen during weekend services! Find a smaller group of people to go deeper in these disciplines alongside.

• SELFFind a rhythm of spending individual time with God. Already have one? Take it deeper. Used to have one? Never a better time than a new year to get back into it!  Quality time is invaluable if we’re trying to become more like someone.

The weekend of January 8-9 (or anytime after), we’ll be kicking off the series by passing out a Canyon Booklet that pastors and staff put together that will guide you through ways to engage in the three spaces listed above. It will have an overview of each discipline/chapter, key quotes, space for sermon notes, suggested resources for going deeper (i.e. podcasts, songs, articles), space for small group takeaways and prayer requests, a suggested guide for your individual time in scripture, and reflection space. These are FREE, and we encourage you to pick one up and keep it with you for the duration of the Canyon journey!

You can pick up a FREE Canyon Booklet at the church M–F, 8:30 AM–3 PM or during weekend worship gatherings. If you are not local, you can request a booklet be mailed to you by submitting a request in the form below:

We also want to encourage you (but not required) to pick up a copy of the book Celebration of Discipline and follow along with one chapter a week. (Most chapters are about 15 pages; none are longer than 20!) We will have copies available for a $10 donation this weekend (Jan 1-2) and beyond. You can also buy your copy on Amazon (available here); FREE on Amazon Kindle (as of now).

We look forward to this journey with you!

Follow along during weekend worship gatherings!

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