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If you’ve read John 15, you are familiar with the language of “remaining” throughout Jesus’ teaching. And though the word “remain” sometimes feels passive, as a church, it’s actually incredibly active … and a crucial part of our faith.

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.”John 15:4 (NLT)

We are a church committed to helping anyone and everyone become a follower of Jesus. In pursuit of that, we’re aware that remaining connected—to Jesus, His word, His people—is an important part of developing disciples. Instead of waiting for things to return to any sense of normal, we’re defining our new normal … and it includes you!

The gathering of the Body of Christ looked different last year and continues to change in 2021. We’ve taken action to remain in God’s word through many outlets … indoors, outdoors and online. Now it’s time to jump in …


Our indoor weekend gatherings meet on Sunday mornings. Since we relaunched last June, our Relaunch Team has taken your safety as a high priority in your worship experience … from parking, to walking through the front doors, worshipping, and returning safely to your car. We’d love to have you worship with us in person! You can find our updated COVID Safety Protocols here.

8:45 AM


10 AM*


11:30 AM


Child Care (6 weeks–3yr olds) available at all gatherings
*Kids classes (Pre-K– 5th grade) available at 6 PM & 10 AM gatherings only


hangout starts at 5:30 PM; worship at 6 PM

Summer came early … and we have to adjust! Due to high temperatures and summer storms, our outdoor time has been cut short. Our Saturday Night gatherings are now being held inside the Worship Center. Still come early to hangout and eat dinner!

Worship starts at 6 PM, but we gather to eat together beforehand (starting at 5 PM)—picnic style! Bring your own dinner and chairs!


All gatherings are streamed online; daily devotionals

In addition to our in-person weekend gatherings, we’ve made it possible to engage in ALL gatherings from the comfort of your own home! We understand that coming to church may not be ideal for you or your family now, so we’ve made an effort to enhance our online gatherings so you can still participate—instead of just watching. You can find our livestreams on Facebook, YouTube and on our website:


You can also remain in God’s word daily through our SOAP Devotionals. Get daily scriptures in your mailbox that include steps to unpacking, applying and praying through the Word (using the SOAP method: Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer).